Pint of Origin - Western Australia
The Royston Hotel

If a state and a pub could be lovers, The Royston's would be Western Australia. We're both home to top food, good times and amazing beer, but we never take ourselves too seriously. What we both take VERY seriously is Good Beer Week.

All our taps pouring the finest from WA's best breweries, all week long. With daily happy hours, food specials and parties throughout the week, come get your WA on at The Royston.

Sessions & Tickets

Sat 12 May 12:00pm-Late
Sun 13 May 12:00pm-Late
Mon 14 May 12:00pm-Late
Tue 15 May 12:00pm-Late
Wed 16 May 12:00pm-Late
Thu 17 May 12:00pm-Late
Fri 18 May 12:00pm-Late
Sat 19 May 12:00pm-Late
Sun 20 May 12:00pm-Late

The Royston Hotel

12 River St
phone 03 9421 5000

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