Backyard Barbie Bonanza
Dingo's Bar

We're firing up the Barbie from 1pm on Sunday the 13th to celebrate the good times we've all enjoyed while smashing a frothie.

Moondog will be taking over our taps (and manning the BBQ) for the day which will include our Aussie inspired collab which we will reveal in good time...

The Lucky-Dip-Tinnie-Bar will keep your bev choice fresh, just hand over a fiver and watch your fate be decided by the bonds-clad dad-bod behind the esky full of fantastic tins from breweries around the state.

Be sure to grab your free snag token with every beer purchased and head up to the Barbie for (possibly) Smith Street's finest sausage sizzle where the bloke who made what's in your tinnie is the same one slingin' snags.

If you need a distraction from the Tinnie Bar and super-awesome mystery collab tap then try your hand at the Bocce set or win a prize in one of our improvised backyard games like ShoeCan Sam, Don't worry, everyone with footwear can play ShoeCan Sam... Or just kick back, listen to the pub classics and chat with your mates, either way, it's gonna be a belter.

Sessions & Tickets

Sun 13 May 1:00pm-11:00pm

Dingo's Bar

310 Smith St
phone 0429 984 272

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