The Sake Kasu Ramen
Shizuku Ramen

Our second straight year in collaboration with our neighbour Moon Dog Brewing, we bring you the The Sake Kasu Ramen in this edition of the Good Beer Week.

The ramens of our past few years have all been “drunked”, and this time is no different. This year we’ll spike it with some Sake Lees, which are the rice left over from sake production!

Come enjoy with us on this four course dinner showcasing that brewer’s ingredients are also a fantastic component in every dish presented on the night.

With Team Moon Dog bringing along their seasonal brews which are the only ones we want to serve, this is design to excite and provoke the palate.

Sessions & Tickets

Thu 17 May 7:00pm-11:00pm

Shizuku Ramen

309 Victoria St
phone 03 9995 8180

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