The Wheaty Brewing Corps Residency
Tallboy and Moose


The award winning Wheaty Brewing Corps from Adelaide is setting up shop at Tallboy and Moose for GBW and we'll be showcasing their beers all week long. We have some awesome new beers launches coming throughout the week as well:

THE BREWERS SCIENTIFIC LAUNCH PARTY – FRIDAY MAY 18 (FREE) Jade from The Wheaty Brewing Corps will be in to talk punters through her award winning lineup of beers. We’ll be launching a new collab between The Wheaty and Tallboy and Moose: UNIVERSAL PROMISE is a New England rye IPA featuring all Aussie hops - it tastes like pineapple juice!!! We will also launch an Australian wild ale (barrel-aged mixed fermentation sour) called VIGILANTE JUSTICE invented via a "blend your own adventure" event with The Crafty Cabal at Tallboy and Moose this past March.

Our DryHop Therapy and Will It Blend Masterclass groups have laboured to bring you TWO new releases for Friday the 18th as well:

LETTERS & NUMBERS - 4.5% DRY-HOPPED LAGER The fruit of our "Dry Hop Therapy" event for Good Beer Week 2018. With the help of Dave from HPA, we've taken The Wheaty Brewing Corps Sir Bob German-ish pilsner and dry-hopped it with Australian HPA-016 (experimental) and Ella. This is old-worldy Euro lager meets new world fruity hop over-tones.

SUGAR & (old) SPICE - 6.1% SOUR ALE The fruit from our "Will it Blend?!?!" blending masterclass during Good Beer Week 2018. This is a blend of barrel-aged mixed fermentation funky red ale, Malt Daddy Vintage Ale and a spiced tincture that includes brown sugar, cinnamon, clove, cardamon, star anise and ginger. The balance here is very much sweet and sour, but the spiced element brings the whole towards a musk-like old spice neighbourhood. Delicious!


BLOOD OATS - 6.2% hoppy oaty red with New England yeast

HEDY HOPPER - 6.9% Enigma Wet Hop NE IPA (20kgs in a 600L batch is cray cray bae!!!) -

HOPIKOPI - 5.5% Sour IPA w/ Coffee (yes...collab w/ Bridge Rd Brewery)

SHIPLOADS - 5.4% London Brown Porter on Handpump!

BLACK LIME GOSE - 4.8% (Feat. Persian dried black limes - GOLD medal winner)

SIR BOB- 4.5% German-ish Pils

HEAPS BERRY - 5.4% Kettle Sour mix berry saison

WHEATY-BIX - 5.8% Breakfast Stout (w/ coffee on NITRO!)

UNIVERSAL PROMISE - 7.2% NE RYE IPA collab. w/ Tallboy and Moose

Previous completed sub-events:

DRY HOP THERAPY – MONDAY MAY 14 (ticketed) - Hop masterclass - sample and mix test batches of different Australian hop varietals with our brewing team and Dave form Hop Products Australia. Beers included! HPA have been kind enough to include a new experimental hop varietal in the mix!!!

WILL IT BLEND?!? – TUESDAY MAY 15 (ticketed) - Blending masterclass - learn about balancing flavours in beer through blending. We will blend different beers from Tallboy & Moose/The Wheaty to create new flavours. Beers included! We'll look at acid, malt, hops, funk, fruit and a couple of curveballs in the process.

Sessions & Tickets

Mon 14 May 7:00pm-Late
Tue 15 May 7:00pm-Late
Fri 18 May 4:00pm-Late

Tallboy and Moose

270 Raglan St
phone 03 9484 7803

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