Winner, Winner… Parma Dinner!
Mrs Parmas

This GBW we celebrate the winners!

Raise a pot or pint to the medal winning, trophy holding, glory grabbing award magnets as we tap the local champions & triumphs of Victorian brews voted by esteemed judges or by you after a few!

Enjoy a week long tap take over pouring the winners of local & international awards so you can taste & revel in their triumph.

So help celebrate & support the talented, hand working, passionate & often crazy Victorian brewers who are taking the world by storm one brew at a time.

Plus your chance to winner, winner your Parma Dinner!

Sessions & Tickets

Sat 12 May 11:30am-10:45pm
Sun 13 May 11:30am-10:45pm
Mon 14 May 11:30am-10:45pm
Tue 15 May 11:30am-10:45pm
Wed 16 May 11:30am-10:45pm
Thu 17 May 11:30am-10:45pm
Fri 18 May 11:30am-10:45pm
Sat 19 May 11:30am-10:45pm
Sun 20 May 11:30am-10:45pm

Mrs Parmas

19-25 Little Bourke St
phone 03 9639 2269

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