Leaping The Dog
Moon Dog Brewery

An intimate Chinese dinner by the team from Red Spice Road in amongst the tanks at the Moon Dog Brewery.

Five Courses will be matched with both a Moon Dog and Great Leap beer. Listen while the brewers regale you with their tales.

Red spice Road, Home to Melbourne’s favourite pork belly and more. For over 10 years, Red Spice Road has been dedicated to serving you the best food Asia offers, in a buzzing and energetic communal dining environment. And you’ve been loving it, repeatedly naming Red Spice Road as home to Melbourne’s favourite pork belly. We want you to enjoy every bite at Red Spice Road, and the entire experience. right in the heart of Melbourne for a one time only event at the Moon Dog Brewery.

Sessions & Tickets

Fri 18 May 7:00pm-10:00pm

Moon Dog Brewery

17 Duke Street
phone (03) 9428 2307

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