System Wars: Carnival of the Brew
Grain and Grape

Roll Up! Roll Up! All the fun of the fair.

We have scoured the breweries and backyards of Melbourne (and Beyond!) to bring you the weird-est, the wonderful-est, the technically intriguing-est home-brewing systems known to man!

Witness professional brewers from Bad Shepherd, Co-conspirators, Dainton, Hop Nation, Mountain Goat, Starward Distilllery , 3Ravens, Tuesday Night Brewing, Two Birds Brewing and more plus G&G staff and friends brewing their favourite beers on systems of their own choice.

Nice Guys’ Grant Morley will join G&G Head Brewer Chris Schaefer to brew a special event Fresh Wort Kit on our 500 litre Braumeister. See a range of commercially-available home brewing systems and discuss current brewing trends with experienced amateur and professional brewers:

• Turn-key all-grain brewing systems from Speidel that brew from 10 litres to 50 litres at home;

• Budget-priced RoboBrews, both with and without in-built pumps;

• BIAB systems based on gas, electricity, Crown Urn and camping stove;

• Three-vessel gravity systems in a variety of colours, flavours and configurations;

• Home-made recirculating mash systems that produce 20 and 50 litres of beer; and

• The Grain and Grape ‘Pebble Bed Mash Tun’ system, brewing nearly 200 litres of home brew!

We will have a food truck parked outside to satisfy most hungers, craft beers on sale and more!

Tickets: $25. Includes: admission, commemorative glass and can of craft beer plus a $10 G&G voucher.

Sessions & Tickets

Sat 12 May 1:30pm-6:30pm

Grain and Grape

5/280 Whitehall St
phone 0418 598 605

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