Magnum Carta
Bar Liberty

Wildflower Brewing are primarily focussed on fermenting beers with a diverse culture of brewers yeast, wild yeasts and bacteria.

Known in the brewing industry as mixed fermentation, they have developed a house culture with yeasts foraged from New South Wales that they experiment with and learn from on a daily basis.

Foremost among these practices is the blending of new and old barrel aged beer in order to highlight the complexity in flavour these wild yeasts naturally create.

Bar Liberty have been proud to pour some of these great beers by the glass over the past months and are thrilled to be able to design a menu to complement a range of beers in large bottles.

Serving on the night in Magnum :

Amber Blend #12 Gold Blend #14

St Thomas (Sour Cherries/Amber referment)

White Peach/Gold Referment Yellow Peach/Gold Referment

Plum/Gold Referment Sweet Cherry/Gold Referment

50/50 Gold/Free Run Pinot ferment Carbonic Maceration Pinot Noir /Gold referment

Sessions & Tickets

Thu 17 May 6:00pm-Late

Bar Liberty

234 Johnston St
phone 0419 230 706

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